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Rental Rooms

       Here at North Town Coffeehouse we enjoy providing a place for friends, families, and coworkers to gather together over a cup of coffee.  We offer event rooms, conference rooms, and office space that can be reserved in advance as an exclusive place for office use, business meetings, baby showers, interviews, game nights, or just a place to meet up with a few friends. The rooms are available for reservation or drop in use.  


                 Reservations can be made online at 



        In order to reserve a room you must pay the entire amount in advance. There are no refunds for cancellations and no rescheduling to another time if you can’t for some reason use the room.  


        To keep the room rental cost low we do not allow outside drinks to be brought in but we do provide complimentary water upon request and we offer discounted prices on pots of coffee or gallons of cold brew, lemonade, tea, and punch.  You can of course purchase a wide variety of drinks from the bar which is what we specialize in!    


   You can order large drink orders in advance on our mobile order site                    

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