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Our Coffee

We proudly serve Stumptown Coffee which is one of the finest small batch roasters in the United States. They are often mentioned in national coffee publications among the elite and most innovative of a handful of roasters that are driving the “third wave” specialty coffee movement.  They were started in 1999 in Portland Oregon and named after the city’s historic nickname.  They search the world to find the best coffee beans to roast and compensate farmers who are willing to grow and harvest beans with the desired quality and flavor.  This practice is now known as Stumptown’s direct trade program and the prices paid are well above fair trade  coffee  levels.


Stumptown in recent years has expanded from their Portland roots into Seattle, New York City, and Los Angeles with further expansion planned in the future.  They have pioneered the rapid growth in cold brew coffee which has been available at North Town the last 3-4 years.  More recently they have begun to produce cold brew in bottles, cold brew with milk in cartons, and now cold brew on tap.  In addition to original cold brew they are also making nitro infused cold brew on tap and in cans.   Most of these products are now available at North Town and we are seeking to gain access to the others as soon as possible.


We use Stumptown Hair Bender blend for all of our espresso drinks and it continues to be our best seller in retail bags for at home brewing.   We feature a rotating brew of the week that is a single origin coffee or blend that we also make available in retail bags for customers.  We also have Trapper Creek decaffeinated coffee available for espresso and in retail bags.

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